3 Ways to Solve Healthcare Recruitment Problems


Compounding this problem, many healthcare businesses don’t know how to identify what needs improvement in their recruitment strategy. The following are some of the most common mistakes healthcare companies make that are hurting their recruiting efforts.

Falling Short on Compensation

It’s not always possible to offer the highest salary for a top candidate. Top tier healthcare professionals know they will receive multiple offers, but a smaller salary isn’t always a deal breaker. If companies can’t afford lavish bonuses or generous salaries, they should focus on what they can offer. For example, is their benefits package more appealing than any other company’s offerings? Do they have a better career trajectory? Is the workplace environment casual or does it allow for a flexible schedule? These are all elements that factor into a candidate’s final decision so healthcare companies should highlight what separates them from the competition to attract talented employees.

Only Looking at External Applicants

Most healthcare professionals have years of training and possess a high level of self-sufficiency. They know their worth and they expect several job offers, which makes them hard to target. With so many companies trying to woo the same few candidates, hard to fill positions remain empty for many healthcare businesses. Instead of trying to gain external applicants’ attention, many companies would do better to look from within their existing ranks. Promoting from within has several benefits in that the company is already familiar with the employee and it improves employee morale.

Screening Delays

The screening process for healthcare applicants is one of the most frustrating. The state and the profession require the candidate to take and pass a multitude of tests, which are often long and tiresome. Most applicants have no idea where they are in the screening process, and this lack of information can lead to a significant drop off in interested candidates. While there isn’t much healthcare companies can do about the number of tests and papers applicants have to deal with, they can make the process more transparent. By creating an online portal or some other electronic solution, applicants can check their progress, complete tests, sign forms, and more.

Many of the common roadblocks to recruiting the best candidates for healthcare positions are simple to fix. By taking the time to address the above issues, healthcare companies can improve their recruitment efforts. Taking the time to build a talented team of healthcare professionals will produce better quality work and a happier staff. Contact the experts at MMA Florida to learn how we can help your healthcare business.

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