5 Ways AI Tech Will Change Healthcare Research


The healthcare industry is often slow to change due to the sensitive nature of the work. It’s easier for other industries to innovate when lives do not hang in the balance. Yet this should further incentivize healthcare providers to embrace disruption and attempt to shift the status quo. With standards of care and treatments failing to meet expectations, many healthcare experts and industry leaders are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to find solutions.

The following are the top five ways industry experts believe AI will change healthcare:

  1. Improving the efficiency of basic processes
  2. Making the drug discovery process more efficient
  3. Using AI for clinic work including diagnosis, prognosis, and patient screening
  4. Improving patient interactions and services
  5. Detecting and monitoring the spread of disease

Faster drug discovery is of particular importance as it stands to improve the lives of many. AI can take massive sets of data and run comparisons to find commonalities that would take humans much longer to ascertain. For example, AI recently discovered five RNA-binding proteins linked with ALS. Identifying these factors gives scientist a more complete picture of the disease, accelerating the potential for treatment discoveries.

Assisting with diagnoses is also significant as it improves the accuracy of any given diagnosis. For example, pathologists at a top ranked medical university implemented an AI system to assist them in diagnosing breast cancer. While the doctors had an accuracy rate of 96% without the AI, the system was able to improve this to 99.5%. Early and precise diagnoses can mean the difference between life and death for some cancer patients so exactitude matters.

An AI Transformation or Stagnation?

Part of the problem with the late arrival of healthcare to the AI scene is that they’re trying to utilize it to improve what they already know rather than recognizing it for its potential. When asked why he didn’t consult with the public about building his Model T, Henry Ford’s response was that they would have asked for a faster horse. People have a tendency to fall back on the familiar because it is comfortable.

However, innovation and measurable change aren’t often easy to attain and remaining on the fringes of what they already know won’t produce meaningful breakthroughs. As the healthcare industry continues to try to implement AI technology in significant ways, it also has to balance the risks involved. Contact the experts at MMA Florida to learn more about managing risk in the healthcare sector.

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