5 Ways Law Firms Can Leverage AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its mark on industries across the board, and the legal sector is no exception. While some may balk at the idea of machines practicing law, there are several practical applications law firms and legal businesses can utilize. In particular, AI can allow lawyers to focus on productive work rather than being bogged down by tedious tasks.

The following are the top ways AI can benefit the legal sector:

  1. Expedite legal research. Machines are able to dissect and compile data at rates that far exceed a human’s capabilities. They also don’t struggle with human fallibility such as misreading or overlooking pertinent information. This will eliminate costly research time, which saves clients’ money. It also allows firms to proceed with litigation on a faster timeline.
  2. Review and analyze paperwork and contracts. Lawyers and paralegals spend countless hours reviewing contracts to ensure there are no discrepancies or missing clauses. They also read hundreds of documents, manually flagging ones that seem pertinent to their cases. AI can do this much faster and with fewer errors. Some AI can even draft simple contracts to save lawyers time.
  3. Chatbots and DIY legal services. AI can put together simple legal documents for individuals and businesses. Chatbots can also answer basic legal questions and services. This frees up lawyers’ time to focus on bigger projects and cases while still providing services their clients need.
  4. Voice commands. Digital dictation has come a long way, but the technology can do much more than record speech. AI can now perform small tasks on command such as setting appointment reminders or finding relevant documents when asked.
  5. Predictive analysis. While the outcomes of court cases are largely up to the judge and jury, AI can give lawyers insight into the likelihood of a preferable outcome. Machines can analyze data set to predict lawyers’ chances of winning their cases.

The primary benefit of AI in the legal sector is to free up lawyers time to allow them to focus on their meatier tasks rather than spending countless hours performing research and compiling data. It also helps reduce the risk of making critical, costly mistakes due to human error. Contact the experts at MMA Florida to learn more about how AI can benefit your Florida law practice as well as reduce its risks.

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